PAN Verification

PAN Card verification is a mandatory and simple procedure which can be done online. Online PAN Card verification is a provision which is made available for certain government websites and can be done if you have all the details.

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited has been authorised by the Income Tax Department to provide eligible entities who verify PAN Cards. The e-Governance service provides online verification of PAN cards.

Types of PAN Verification Online

There are mainly 3 modes of verification for PAN Cards online which are:

1. File-Based PAN Card Verification

This type of PAN Card verification is done by organisations or the government who wish to verify up to 1,000 PAN Cards at one time.

      • Once the user has logged in to the account, he or she can upload up to 1,000 PAN Cards in the similar file structure which is specified by the NSDL website.
      • After the file is uploaded, the user needs to click on ‘submit’.
      • Once done, within 24 hours, the website will display the PAN Card details.
      • However, if the user does not follow the format mentioned in the website for uploading, the website will reject the request.

2. Screen-Based PAN Card Verification

This Screen-Based verification enables you to get up to 5 PAN Cards verified at once when you use the service.

      • Log in to the account.
      • After you log in, you add the details of 5 PAN Cards to be verified. Add the numbers to the screen provided.
      • Once you click on ‘submit’, the details of the PAN will be shown to you on the screen.

3. Software (API)-Based PAN Card Verification

With the help of a software application, you can verify your PAN online through the verification site.

PAN Verification by PAN Number

You can also verify your PAN with just your PAN number by following the steps mentioned:

  • Log in to the income tax e-filing website or the NSDL website.
  • Fill in the details such as your full name and date of birth along with your PAN number.
  • You will need to input the status of your PAN card, whether it is an individual, company, Hindu Undivided Family, etc.
  • Once done, input the captcha code given in the portal and click on submit.
  • Your PAN card will then be shown with you the status of verification.

You will have to check the verification status within 5 days of receiving the acknowledgement.

What is UTIITSL and how to Verify the PAN Card Issued by the Company?

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited is among the biggest financial services company in the country. They are owned by the Government of India and provides financial technology to the financial sectors of the government. UTIISL like NDSL provides PAN cards for the Indian population who apply from their website.

For verification, you must visit the UTIISL PAN website and log in with your credentials. Once done, you will have to select the option to verify your PAN card by adding the required details. The website will then display the results.

PAN Verification by Name and Date of Birth?

You can also verify your PAN card just by entering your name and date of birth which is considered as credentials to access your card details.

To verify your card, here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign up for the online service of the NSDL’s e-governance website.
  • Sign in with those details and then enter your name and date of birth to access the details and your PAN card status.

PAN Card Verification with Aadhaar Number

The step-by-step procedure that must be followed for the PAN Card Verification with Aadhaar Number is mentioned below:

  • Visit
  • Under the ‘Quick Links’ section, you will find the ‘Link Aadhaar’ option, click on it.
  • On the next page, select ‘Click Here’ to check if the process to link the Aadhaar and PAN has already been submitted.
  • Next, enter the PAN number and Aadhaar number. Click on ‘View Link Aadhaar Status’.
  • The details will be displayed on the screen.

Response to Users from the Website

PAN verification The response given to user
Valid PAN with events such as acquisition, merger, etc.
  • Name of PAN holder
  • PAN status along with event
  • Name printed on the card
  • Last date of the PAN update
Valid PAN
  • PAN status
  • Last date of PAN update
  • Name printed on the PAN card
  • Name of PAN holder
Fake PAN The PAN card will be displayed as ‘Fake’ without any other details.
Deactivated or Deleted The status of the PAN card will be displayed as ‘deactivated’ or ‘deleted’.
PAN card not found The message ‘not present in the Income Tax Department database’ will appear.

PAN Verification Eligibility

Given below is a list of all the individuals and groups who are eligible for PAN verification.

The PAN verification facility is offered to the below-mentioned entities:

  • RBI approved payment banks
  • Central Vigilance Commission
  • Stamp and Registration Department
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Income Tax Projects
  • Central and State Government Agencies
  • Depositories
  • Goods and Service Tax Network
  • Clearing Corporations/Commodity Exchanges/Stock Exchanges
  • Entities who are required to produce Statement of Financial Transaction/Annual Information Return
  • Companies that are required to produced Statement of Financial Transaction/Annual Information Return
  • Educational Institutions that have been established by Regulatory Bodies
  • Central KYC Registry
  • RBI approved credit information agencies
  • Depository Participants
  • Authorities who issue the DSC
  • National Pension System’s Central Recordkeeping Agency
  • Credit card institutions
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance Repository
  • Insurance Company
  • Housing Finance Companies
  • RBI approved Prepaid Payment Instrument Issuers
  • RBI approved NBFCs
  • SEBI approved Investment Advisor

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Details Required in Order to Register for the Online PAN Verification

Details of payment required to register for the Online PAN Card Verification

  • Mode of payment
  • Amount to be paid
  • Instrument number

Organisational details needed to register for Online PAN Number Verification

  • Name of the entity
  • Category of the entity
  • TAN/PAN of the entity
  • Contact details
  • Other personal details

Digital Signature Certificate details required to register for PAN Verification

  • Class of the Digital Signature Certificate
  • Name of the certifying authority
  • Digital Signature Certificate Serial Number

Documents Required for Online PAN Verification

The list of documents that must be submitted are mentioned below:

  • An authorisation letter on the company’s letterhead.
  • Terms and conditions on the company letterhead.
  • The entity’s PAN card copy. Two copies must be submitted and it must be signed by an authorized entity.
  • Declaration of Entities. Two copies must be submitted and it must be signed by an authorized entity.
  • Incorporation Certificate. Two copies must be submitted and it must be signed by an authorized entity.
  • License/Certificate copy that has been issued by the regulatory body. Two copies must be submitted and it must be signed by an authorized entity.
  • Cheque or Demand Draft for the charges that are applicable. The cheque or demand draft must be made in favour of ‘NSDL – TIN’.

List Of Pan Card Office in India 2020

Tracking the Status of Registration

An organisation who has attempted to register for Online PAN verification can check its registration status by using the acknowledgement number provided. If the registration is successful a message bearing the same will be displayed on the screen along with the User ID. A message indicating the rejection will be displayed if it was rejected.

Authorisation of Registration

The Income Tax Department has to approve the registration of an entity for Online PAN verification. Once the applicant registers for the facility, NSDL e-gov forwards the registration request to the Income Tax Department given that the applicant has filled the forms completely, provided the right documents and makes a successful payment. The applicant will be provided with an 8 digit User Id on successful authorisation. The registration charges will be refunded to the applicant in case the Income Tax Department rejects the request for registration.