Check PAN Status

Check PAN Card Status by PAN Number, Name, DOB & Acknowledge Number

Tracking the PAN application status is quite a short and simple process. Once you apply for a PAN card or update/correct misinformation in your PAN, you get an acknowledgement number which can be used to track the status of your new PAN application or reprint PAN Card correction status. You can check PAN card status either at the UTI Portal, i.e. UTIITSL PAN Portal Or the TIN-NSDL one, i.e. TIN-NSDL PAN Portal.

How to Check PAN Card Status with PAN or Acknowledge Number on UTI Website

To check UTI Card Status online follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your application coupon number

Step 3: In case you forgot PAN Application Coupon Number, Enter your 10-digit PAN Number

pan status check via UTI

Step 4: Enter Date of Birth/Incorporation/Agreement, etc.

Step 5: Enter the Captcha Code for PAN Card transaction Status

Step 6: Now, click on “Submit” button

Step 7: Your PAN Card transaction status will appear on the screen 

Note: It takes about 15 working days to receive the PAN Card after the application has been submitted. In case, you have not received your PAN Card within the set time frame, you can track your application status by entering 15-digit acknowledgement number for the same.

Follow the steps mentioned below for PAN Card transaction status through NSDL website:

Step 1: Visit the official website of NSDL at

Step 2: Click on “Track PAN Status” option

how to track pan status

Step 3: Now, select “PAN-New/Change Request” from the “Application Type” section

Step 4: Enter your 15-digit acknowledgement number in the given field

Step 5: To verify status of PAN Card application, enter the captcha code from the given box

Step 6: Click on “Submit” button

Step 7: The status of your PAN Card application will appear on your screen[/vc_column_text]

TIN-NSDL has made ample provisions for applicants to check PAN card status online. The portal allows users to check new or duplicate PAN card status without acknowledgement number as well. One can check the PAN card status by name and date of birth by following the steps mentioned below:

pan status without acknowledgement number

  • Select “PAN – New/Change Request” in the Application Type section
  • Select the Name section to check PAN card status without acknowledgement number
  • Enter your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and Date of Birth
  • Now click on the “Submit” button to get the status.

Check PAN Card Status through Name and Date of Birth

As of now, there’s no such procedure to check your PAN Card transaction status or application status by Date of Birth only, but you can check your PAN Card details by verifying your PAN by entering name and date of birth by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go the official website of Income Tax E-Filing at
Step 2: Select ‘Verify your PAN Details’ under section “Quick Links”

Step 3: Enter details like your PAN Number, Full Name, Date of Birth

pan status check via name and DOB

Step 4: Select the status as applicable

Step 5: Enter the Captcha code to verify the details

Step 6: Select “Submit “button

Step 7: A new page will appear on the screen showing “Your PAN is Active and the details are matching with PAN Database”

How to Know PAN Card Status by Aadhaar Number

Follow the steps mentioned below to check PAN Card Status through Aadhaar Number:

Step 1: Visit the official website e-filing Income Tax Department or directly click on the link i.e.

Step 2: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar Number

pan status by aadhar number

Step 3: Enter the Captcha Code from the given image

Step 4: Click on the ‘Submit’ button

Step 5: The status of your PAN Card through PAN Number will be displayed on the screen

Note: Your mobile number must be registered with Aadhaar Card for the OTP Authentication.

PAN Card Acknowledgement Number

When an applicant successfully submits his PAN card application, a unique 15-digit code is generated and allotted to the applicant. This number is known as the PAN card acknowledgement number. It can be used to track the status of the PAN card generation/update. The acknowledgement number can also be used to download the ePAN card within one month of issuance of the new/updated PAN card from both NSDL and UTIITSL website.